Are Dementia and Pleasure Mutually Exclusive States?

by Chris Laxton, Executive Director of AMDA, the Society for Post-acute and Long-term Care Medicine Dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, confronts us with a challenge: How do we live fully – with dignity, meaning and happiness – in the face of progressive disability and, ultimately, death? Those living with dementia have cognitive and decision-making impairments that often make them unable to answer this question. And when those who provide care and services for them fail [...]

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There Is No One Better Than You to Speak Up

by Michael Ellenbogen, Dementia Advocate I am going to start with the end in mind. You can do all this no matter what your challenges are. In 2008 I was given a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease after struggling for 10 years. As a workaholic I found it difficult when I could no longer work, or have purpose in life; something that is so important so we do not spiral into decline. Early-on I reached [...]

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Don’t Be an Instigator!!!

When I was growing up, my mother would often use the word instigator to describe my bad behavior. If I was bothering my sister or trying to pick a fight, she would frequently say, “Don’t be an instigator!!!” That meant back off and don’t make trouble. As a parent I now understand where she was coming from. She had enough to worry about without my making her life more difficult. However, as an adult [...]

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Innovation before Medication

An older resident, (let’s call him Rafael), born in Italy, an artist, dealing with late stage dementia, losing his ability to communicate in English, reacting in unpredictable ways, such as screaming in Italian whenever anyone wants to provide support of any kind, and visibly agitated at his loss of control . . . Limited Options Let’s be honest, there’s not a lot of options to help residents find comfort during these difficult situations, which [...]

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