SOMETHING WILL BE DONE! (The caretaker’s affirmation)

By Iona Morris, an American voice actress Hope, Faith that something can be done And, money… Is all we have To add to the action of those in the field journeying Into how the mind works. Oh. And, our love And, our tears of what was lost to a mind Changed. Drifting away so fast We cannot keep up. Can’t take a pill Can’t go to the gym Can’t juice THIS away… “Who took [...]

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Person-Centered Dementia Care Encourages International Exchange of Ideas

by: Mara Botonis, Access and Utilization Work Group Co-Chair, Dementia Action Alliance I leaned in and asked the former zookeeper, "Which animal in the zoo was the most difficult to care for?" She responded "The monkeys" without hesitation and with a knowing sparkle in her eye that wordlessly conveyed that she knew more than a little something about this topic. She quickly added that the reason she chose monkeys was because "they are always SO naughty!" before [...]

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“Empower the Least Empowered”

by: Jill Harrison, PhD., Planetree Experience Advisor On a recent visit to a nursing home, I overheard the following conversation while I was in the dining room of a locked memory care unit. “What is this?” a resident asked pointing at a mug on the table. “It’s coffee. You like coffee. Go ahead and drink it,” said a staff member who was busily wiping off nearby tables. The resident took a sip and recoiled. “But, it’s [...]

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