The Angry Side of Alzheimer’s

Thanks to Brian LeBlanc, DAA Leadership Board member, for sharing this. (originally posted 1/19/2016 on One of the things that makes me angry about having Alzheimer’s Disease are people that DO NOT WANT TO UNDERSTAND that I, and people like me, still know what’s going on around them and can still carry on an intelligent conversation. Sure, the words may not flow as evenly and smoothly as they did before, the mind may not allow [...]

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Honoring A Dear Friend & Invaluable Role Model

“Every man is worth just as much as the value of the things he’s set his heart upon.” Marcus Aurelius Alexander “Sandy” Halperin, DDS,  retired dentist, author, entrepreneur, public servant, and person living with dementia has, for the past three years, been featured in CNN segments presented by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Sandy has chosen to not allow dementia to define him. Indeed, his love of life, family, and advocacy for others living with dementia, [...]

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