Dementia with Dignity – Consider Volunteering

By Ellen Belk, Holistic Dementia Care Specialist; Co- Owner  Keep in Mind, Inc.   After the Dementia Diagnosis, there is still a lot of LIVING to Do! There are ample ways to have dementia with dignity. Consider volunteering. Skeptical? You are not alone…… I had a client, who hired me to evaluate their dementia program. They felt they lacked key components or a ‘hook’ that would differentiate them from their competition in the marketplace. After my evaluation [...]

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 See Me in Dementia

By Laura Bowley, Founder, Mindset Center for Living with Dementia  Originally published on Apr 6, 2016 What happens when you don’t see the “me” in dementia? If you don’t see the “me,” you see the dementia instead, and when you see the dementia, the “me” or the “I” becomes an “it.” You’re seeing a disease rather than a person. If you don’t see the “me,” you get physicians who speak to [...]

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DEMENTIA: There is Hope

by Robert Bowles, Jr., DAA Leadership Board Reprinted from Sometimes doom and gloom are preached about dementia.  Often I hear people say there is no hope after their diagnosis of dementia.  That is likely a fairly normal response.  Our world has been turned upside down.  Do we stay in that mindset or do we seek to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST.  My decision was to follow a process of learning and [...]

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