Discovering the Essence of My Father: A Care Partner’s Perspective

During the last few years of my father’s life, I had an incredible opportunity to journey back in time with him to discover the essence of his personhood.  As his journey with Alzheimer’s peeled away the carefully crafted layers of his life history, I learned to pay attention to what was unfolding.  Our visits together became a journey back through time, one that offered me the precious opportunity to better view the unencumbered essence [...]

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Resident’s Grandson Gives the Gift of Music

Jayne Clairmont, Dementia Care Expert & Owner, English Rose Suites With our sincerest appreciation to Jayne for allowing DAA to re-post the following article from their online blog. Betty Vaaler was one of those women that you always remember fondly; she was kind, funny, caring, a loving and supportive mother and wife. The proof of that statement is obvious when you meet her family. Betty was also a woman of God, who enjoyed [...]

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