Did Winnie-The-Pooh have Dementia by Laurie Scherrer. With Appreciation to Laurie for allowing DAA to post her blog.

  It recently occurred to me that A.A. Milne had an understanding of dementia when he created Winnie-The Pooh.  Throughout the exciting stories of The Hundred Acre Woods this “chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluffy” often mentions his forgetfulness, cognitive impairments and not being able to say what he wants to get across.   Although some phrases used in 1929 to describe dementia (such as “a bear of very little brain”) may seem [...]

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Episode 6: Marie Marley

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vl2RtpqxfyA In this episode Brian interviews Marie Marley. Marie talk very passionately about her 30 year relationship with Ed, from when the time they first met to becoming his caregiver. Marie went on to become an award winning writer after Ed's passing and has become a go-to person in the area of caregiving. Please watch this episode as Brian and Marie share some laughs and very poignant stories.

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