A Grateful Survivor

Special thanks to my dear friend and talented writer, Ron Cooper, for allowing us to reprint the following two poems from his new book. Ron was a caregiver to his mom who had dementia and is a cancer survivor who, like our dementia advocates and caregivers, is “…placing a higher value on family time, good health and the joy of making a difference in other people’s lives.”  Jackie P., DAA Board Chair


This invincible moment

This invincible moment
Is mine to treasure
To breathe easily
In the sun
To free myself
From nagging worry

This invincible moment
Is a joy to behold
With no expectation
Than to be calm

That’s all
That’s enough


Your window to the world

What do you see through your window to the world? Do fear
and anger color the lens? Or is it hope and love? Which dominates?
Is your window to the world tainted? What could you do to
sharpen the image into a positive, uplifting one? A soft gaze
counters a hard heart and brightens our lives.
Love and peace and kindness are out there in the world. Look
for them through your window to the world!


from: A Grateful Survivor: Tips & Tributes for Cancer Caregivers by Ron Cooper





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