• Held community Caring Conversations in Tulsa, OK, Atlanta, GA and Washington, DC
  • Partnered with a PBS affiliate to develop a documentary about LIVING WITH DEMENTIA.
  • Hosted the Re-Imagine Life with Dementia Conference in Atlanta, GA in June 2017.
  • Published the song “Living Beyond Dementia”.
  • Published “Living with Dementia: An Unexpected Journey” that won a 2017 Mature Market Media Award.


• Published a consensus white paper, “Living with Dementia: Changing the Status Quo,” that addresses the significant and serious societal issues impeding the well-being of people living with dementia and their ability to live fully with a chronic health condition.

• DAA Advisory Council Member Dr. Alexander “Sandy” Halperin was awarded the Senator William & Ellen Proxmire Award in Washington, DC for his exceptional dementia advocacy efforts.

• Launched “Caring Community Conversation” events in Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA, and Tulsa, OK to initiate friendly conversations among diverse dementia community stakeholders, including individuals living with early and moderate symptoms of dementia and care partners, about LIVING with dementia to enhance understanding and address misperceptions and stigma.

• Partnered with the Area Agency on Aging of North Florida to hold discussion groups and pilot test the “Caring Conversations Toolkit” with individuals living with dementia and their care partners.

• Invited to become a member of the Global Council on Alzheimer’s Disease.

• Established the DAA’s Scientific Advisory Board.


• Conducted the “National Survey of Resource Priorities & Preferences among Individuals Living with Dementia and Care Partners” to learn most effective ways for people to access resource materials

“Living Fully with Dementia: Words Matter “ – published a paper online to bring attention to an important topic, the words and language society uses for and about people living with dementia, that have the effect of being diminishing and discriminatory. The paper features commentaries from partners living with dementia.

• Awarded Picker Grant to develop and test effectiveness of the DAA website

• Established the DAA’s Advisory Council of individuals living with dementia symptoms to provide insights and guidance from the perspective of their lived experience.


• Released the public service video announcement, “Person-Centered Matters” to wide acclaim.
• Partnered with the University of Buffalo’s Institute for Person-Centered Care to conduct a national survey of Americans to identify their dementia needs and priorities. The project was funded by The Retirement Research Foundation.
• National survey findings were presented to the National Alzheimer’s Project Act (NAPA) Advisory Council during the July 2014 meeting in Washington, DC.
• Convened the 2nd Dementia Summit of 70 diverse thought leaders in June 2014 to identify and form consensus recommendations on what is needed to improve dementia care in the U.S. and the steps needed to make it happen.
• Expanded the Leadership Team to include LeadingAge Georgia.


• Published an article in the American Society on Aging’s Fall 2013 edition of Generations about a conceptual and operational framework for person-centered dementia care.
• Coalesced and connected over 300 individuals and organizations across the country as Dementia Action Alliance partners.


• Published a white paper, “Dementia Care: The Quality Chasm,” detailing the consensus information.
• Convened the 1st Dementia Summit of 60 diverse thought leaders in June 2012 to discuss and form consensus on a definition for person-centered dementia care and a conceptual and operational framework for it.