American Sign Language (ASL)
for people living with dementia and/or their care partners


Our ASL six-week course program is currently FULL.

We are exploring ways to expand our offerings to accommodate a broader audience in the future.

Those of us with dementia often lose some of our verbal skills. Since ASL is a visual language (vs. speaking which is auditory), a person living with dementia may be able to remember a word in ASL even when they cannot verbalize the word.

During this six-week course, we will offer people living with dementia a visual form of communication. We encourage people living with dementia and care partners to attend together so that both can learn the basic skills of ASL and work toward enhanced communication.

The earlier you learn these skills, the more opportunity you have to practice working them into your conversations, ahead of when you might need them in the future!

Six Wednesdays for an hour starting June 5th:
6:30 pm ET
5:30 pm CT
4:30 pm MT
3:30 pm PT


Sylvia Ball

Mary Richardson

Both grew up with parents who are hearing impaired and have been signing since childhood.


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