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Episode 4: Becky Watson

https://youtu.be/euCStUzWGBA Join our host Laurie Scherrer as she talks with Becky Watson. Becky is a retired Navy Captain and a Certified Music Therapist and is also the Owner/Founder of Music for Wellness in Norfolk Va. They will hear why Becky believes why music is so important for people living with dementia.

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Episode 3: Rebecca Hobbs

https://youtu.be/JaE-GMeO6SA Our Host Laurie Scherrer interviews Associate Attorney Rebecca Hobbs who will be sharing her expertise in Special Needs Trust and Custodial Accounts.

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Episode 2: Phyllis Fehr

https://youtu.be/8KdUHhLiYMg In the second episode of Professional Insights our host Paulan Gordon talks with Phyllis Fehr about Rights for people living with Disabilities.

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Episode 1: Jaqueline Garrick

https://youtu.be/YAKSG-eJ894 Professional Insights is a monthly video podcast hosted by DAA Advisory Board members living with dementia. Today our guest speaker is Jaqueline Garrick discussing Benefits available to Veterans living with Dementia.

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Episode 9: Mike Belleville

https://youtu.be/1qiNcuevKZ4 Please join our new host Chuck McClatchey as he talks with fellow DAA advocate and member Mike Belleville. Mike was a previous guest but this time around they discuss his new found talent of watercolor painting.

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Episode 8: Carmen Buck

https://youtu.be/QbCjbg5NvKo Our Host Brian Leblanc has a very entertaining and informative talk with Author/Photographer and Nurse Practitioner Carmen Buck. They also talk about some of the projects they are working on together. You will certainly enjoy this session of This Dementia Life!! We apologize for the noise distortion about 3/4 of the way through.

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Episode 7: Mike Belleville

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psHl3gcnArU Put two people living with dementia, talking about dementia together and you can't shut them up! In this week's episode of “This Dementia Life” our host Brian LeBlanc interviews fellow DAA Board Advisory member Mike Belleville. Brian and Mike talk about diagnosis, family, anger, advocacy and helping people who are living with dementia and their caregivers with their technology problems, as well as the importance of changing the general public perception about dementia. [...]

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