Let’s Change The Stories We Tell 

Anne Ellett, N.P., M.S.N. AANC Certified Gerontological Nurse Founder, Executive Director – Memory Care Support www.MemoryCareSupport.com With our sincerest appreciation to Anne for allowing DAA to re-post the following article from her April 2017 newsletter. Most of us are aware of research that shows that if teachers hold low expectations of a child’s abilities, that child is more likely to perform only to the level of the teacher’s low expectations. And conversely, if the teachers have [...]

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See Me in Dementia

by Laura Bowley, Director at Mindset Centre for Living with Dementia With Warm Appreciation to Laura Bowley for permitting us to re-post this April 6, 2016 article at a time when WE TRULY NEED TO SEE THE PERSON: (original post link: http://mindsetmemory.com/see-me/) What happens when you don’t see the “me” in dementia? If you don’t see the “me,” you see the dementia instead, and when you see the dementia, the “me” or the “I” becomes [...]

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Living Well with Dementia: The Pygmalion Effect

By Karen Love, DAA Executive Director In 1968, Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson published groundbreaking research that showed teacher expectations of students became self-fulfilling prophecies. At the beginning of a school year first and second grade students’ IQs were tested. The researchers randomly selected a group of students regardless of their actual test results and led the teachers to believe that this group was capable of great academic achievement. At the end of the year [...]

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Changing the Conversation to Change the Status Quo

Dear Dementia Action Alliance Friends: On the evening of March 14th at the Great Minds Gala in Washington DC, our esteemed Board  member Dr. Alexander “Sandy” Halperin and Dr. Sanjay Gupta were honored as  recipients of the Senator William and Ellen Proxmire Award for Sandy’s tireless advocacy efforts as well as the CNN  documentary “Sandy’s Story,” chronicling his personal journey of living with dementia. We could think of no better way to honor Sandy [...]

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Time to Get Serious

Published by Dr. Al Power, republished by permission from ChangingAging I didn’t make it to the Gerontological Society of America conference this year, but McKnight’s reported that a study was presented highlighting the frequent episodes of “resident-on-resident mistreatment” in nursing homes, affecting as many as 20 percent of those residents every month. The “acute urgency” of the problem was stressed in the talk. After speaking at the Centralina Annual Aging conference in Charlotte recently, [...]

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