Building Community at the Intersection of Arts and Dementia

The cover photo of the Arts and Dementia Facebook group.   The idea to form an Arts & Dementia Facebook community grew out of the interest of members of DAA’s Arts Workgroup who wanted to create an online forum where people living with dementia and their care partners could share their creativity and expressions of art. Donna Newman-Bluestein, Co-Chair of the Workgroup, serves as the Facebook page moderator. Donna is a board-certified dance movement [...]

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Using Technology to Improve Quality of Life for People Living Well with Dementia

Cover photo: Craig's mother, Wanda Fowler. Contributed photo.   Often leaders have some personal interest that inspires their work – for example, the head of a freight railroad who played with trains as a kid, or the owner of a tree removal business who spent childhood summers climbing limbs in his backyard. Few are able to take a difficult personal experience – filled with uncertainty and challenges – and build a company to help [...]

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Jennifer Carson and Chuck McClatchey: Resolute Examples of Choosing Hope

Few individuals model the character and goals of the Dementia Action Alliance better than Dr. Jennifer Carson and Chuck McClatchey. Based in Nevada, these two invaluable members of the broader dementia community bring a shared commitment building inclusive community for people living with dementia and other advocates, often working under the umbrella of Dementia Friendly Nevada. Jennifer, having worked her entire career to grow, learn, and teach as a care partner, now leads the [...]

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Understanding Uncontrollable Crying or Laughing

by Sheila, a mother living with early-onset Alzheimer’s dementia After my father passed away in ’99, I went into a depression. Coincidentally, at about the same time, I started getting Alzheimer’s symptoms. My daughter, Dominique, says it was like I was going into a daze. In addition to my other symptoms, I found myself having these episodes where I would just start crying out of the blue and I would have to shut myself [...]

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Preventing Compassion Fatigue

by Kay Glidden, MS Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist & Trainer Co-owner, Compassion Resiliency Dr. Naomi Remen said in her book, Kitchen Table Wisdom: “The expectation that we can be immersed in suffering and loss daily and not be touched by it is as unrealistic as expecting to be able to walk through water without getting wet.” Do you ever feel frustrated or impatient taking care of your loved one who is living with dementia? [...]

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by Robert Bowles, Jr., a retired pharmacist diagnosed with LBD at age 64. "Think back where you would be today if you had not had a purpose in life. The same is true after a diagnosis of LBD (Lewy Body Dementia). Finding your purpose in life is important. As I mentioned for me, it was advocate, educate and sharing my experience strength and hope. Yours might be different. My challenge to you today is to [...]

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SOMETHING WILL BE DONE! (The caretaker’s affirmation)

By Iona Morris, an American voice actress Hope, Faith that something can be done And, money… Is all we have To add to the action of those in the field journeying Into how the mind works. Oh. And, our love And, our tears of what was lost to a mind Changed. Drifting away so fast We cannot keep up. Can’t take a pill Can’t go to the gym Can’t juice THIS away… “Who took [...]

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