Robert Bowles: A Purpose Driven Career

DAA thanks the Georgia Pharmacy Association (GPhA) Journal for allowing us to re-post Phil Ratliff's article on our Board member Robert Bowles being awarded "The Larry L. Braden Meritorious Service Award". Ask [...]

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The Beginning of Hope: Chapter 2

With our sincerest appreciation to Brian for allowing DAA to re-post his blog entry. By: Brian Kursonis March 5, 2017 When I realized I was no longer going back to my [...]

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DEMENTIA: There is Hope

by Robert Bowles, Jr., DAA Leadership Board Reprinted from Sometimes doom and gloom are preached about dementia.  Often I hear people say there is no hope after their diagnosis [...]

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The Angry Side of Alzheimer’s

Thanks to Brian LeBlanc, DAA Leadership Board member, for sharing this. (originally posted 1/19/2016 on One of the things that makes me angry about having Alzheimer’s Disease are people that DO NOT [...]

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