“Empower the Least Empowered”

by: Jill Harrison, PhD., Planetree Experience Advisor On a recent visit to a nursing home, I overheard the following conversation while I was in the dining room of a locked memory care unit. “What is this?” a resident asked pointing at a mug on the table. “It’s coffee. You like coffee. Go ahead and drink it,” said a staff member who was busily wiping off nearby tables. The resident took a sip and recoiled. “But, it’s [...]

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Art in the Park – GEM Adult Daycare

by: Gail Sonnesso, MS, QDCS, Founder and Executive Director GEM Day Services, Inc. a non-profit working to provide meaningful programs for families with their loved ones living with memory loss at home Art at the Park is a GEM program for folks with memory loss fashioned to provide meaningful afternoons for both the person with dementia and their family caregiver. It is widely accepted that 70% of people with dementia live in the home and [...]

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Innovation before Medication

An older resident, (let’s call him Rafael), born in Italy, an artist, dealing with late stage dementia, losing his ability to communicate in English, reacting in unpredictable ways, such as screaming in Italian whenever anyone wants to provide support of any kind, and visibly agitated at his loss of control . . . Limited Options Let’s be honest, there’s not a lot of options to help residents find comfort during these difficult situations, which [...]

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