Episode 25: Teepa Snow

Dementia is a broad term for a variety of diseases. How do symptoms vary between types of dementia? Is it important to understand the specific symptoms of each type? In this podcast, we are honored to have Teepa Snow share her expertise on these and other questions. Advisory Board member Laurie Scherrer will be your host as we explore the many facets of dementia. https://youtu.be/_Oh0cG4K9Co

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Episode 24: Katurah Hartley

https://youtu.be/fqkaEginOss Do you know the best steps to improve or maintain your brain health? In this insightful interview, Advisory Board member, Chuck McClatchey joins Katurah Hartley to examine the Six Pillars of Brain Health and the importance of each. Katurah is the Project Manager at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. Her interest in dementia began when “Kat" was six years old and spent time with her grandparents who had dementia. If you [...]

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Episode 23: Brenda Roberts

https://youtu.be/N23tBidPkNY Please join our host DAA Advisory board member Paulan Gordon as she welcomes Brenda Roberts. Brenda is the Director of Quality Assurance and Education for the Michigan Assisted Living Association. Brenda talks about her involvement in helping to establish the state of Michigan's Dementia State plan. Please remember to like our videos and subscribe to our channel. You can also donate to DAA at www.daanow.org/donate. TY

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Episode 22: Clinical Trials with Dr. Aaron Ritter

https://youtu.be/EADs9LD6DYo Please join our host, DAA Advisory Board Member Chuck McClatchey, to view his discussion on Clinical Trials with Dr. Aaron Ritter. Dr. Ritter is the Director of Clinical Trials at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. He currently directs 50 different clinical trials.

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Episode 21: James Moorehead

https://youtu.be/BQfObGrJslc Physical and/or verbal abuse is a problem for many people walking the dementia journey. Dementia can cause people living with dementia to become agitated and angry and may lose their filters of right and wrong - these and other psychological changes may lead to verbal and/or physical abuse. Care partners often feel stressed, lonely and perhaps depressed; some care partners feel they need to control their care recipient's life. These factors can also [...]

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Episode 20: Dr. Ed Shaw

https://youtu.be/97CyAQteqiE Are you ready for your doctor visit? Although I’m sure most of us are taking along our meds and other things the doctor needs, are we REALLY bringing what is best to help the doctor provide the best prognosis for our care? Are there things we could be doing to help the doctor to help us? Our host Laurie Scherrer will be talking with Dr. Ed Shaw as he shares his knowledge and [...]

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Episode 19: Tammy Pozerycki

https://youtu.be/RsyYzBYVdoU DAA Board member Mike Belleville has a terrific discussion with Tammy Pozerycki about the Dementia friendly movement. Tammy is the owner and trainer of Alternatives in Alzheimer's care. www.alternativesinalzheimerscare.com Her inspiration is her Grandmother Ruth who lived with Alzheimer’s disease. The quality of life of the person living with dementia depends upon the caregiver. The mission of Alternatives in Alzheimer’s Care is to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia [...]

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