Innovative Dementia-Friendly Programs – Countering Stigma and Social Isolation

by Emily Kearns, PhD, MBA We have known for a very long time that lifestyle, such as diet and exercise, affects our health and well-being. But, did you know that social isolation is directly linked to decreased longevity? That’s right! More than cigarette smoking and even obesity, living alone and being isolated can shorten our lives. Not only that, the quality of our shortened life is at risk with social isolation potentially contributing to [...]

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Making a Difference with Wisdom, Determination & Compassion

by Jackie Pinkowitz, M.Ed. As Board Chair of the Dementia Action Alliance (DAA), I am privileged to interact with friends and colleagues living with dementia across our country.   These individuals are “Making a Real Difference” through personal pathways of advocacy in their communities, their states, and our country.  Whether through  speaking engagements, writing, social media, video podcasts, or sharing their artistic talent with others, each one advances a common mission of making the United [...]

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Do People With Dementia Have the Right to Vote?

Mary L. Radnofsky, Ph.D. DAA Advisory Council I was recently asked about the voting rights of people with dementia in America, especially when entering memory care. It’s an important issue to those of us with a diagnosis. But this question also addresses our fundamental identity as human beings, for we have a voice that should be heard not only in the governance of our country, but in our personal autonomy. The right to vote [...]

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Robert Bowles: A Purpose Driven Career

DAA thanks the Georgia Pharmacy Association (GPhA) Journal for allowing us to re-post Phil Ratliff's article on our Board member Robert Bowles being awarded "The Larry L. Braden Meritorious Service Award". Ask those who know Robert Bowles to describe the 69-year old retired pharmacist from Thomaston, and you’ll likely detect a pattern: driven, intellectually curious, a problem-solver, a man with purpose and passion. So, in 2012, when Bowles was diagnosed with Lewy Body dementia, [...]

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​Ten Things I Learned at the Dementia Action Alliance Conference

DAA thanks Marysue Moses, Dimensions Program Coordinator at Ebenezer Memory Care, for allowing us to re-post her July 24, 2017 article. At the end of June, I had the opportunity to experience the first ever North American Dementia Action Alliance Conference in Atlanta. This was an amazing event, the best and most moving dementia conference I have ever been to, and it scrambled my brain in the very best way. The conference organizers included persons [...]

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What Happens When We See Dementia as a Disability?

DAA thanks Kirsten Jacobs, associate director of dementia and wellness at LeadingAge, for allowing us to re-post her July 14, 2017 article, in which she imagines how our attitudes and actions might change if we looked at dementia as a disability, not an illness. Pam Montana and Chris Hannafan recently invited me to view dementia through an intriguing lens. In early June, the two appeared on my television screen during an installment of the PBS “Brief but [...]

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