Making a Profound Difference

by Jackie Pinkowitz Chair CCAL - Advancing Person-centered Living As November’s chill fills the air and autumn leaves begin to fall, our hearts and minds naturally turn to thoughts of Thanksgiving, a [...]

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Rethinking Dementia Care

by Molly Fogel, LCSW Director of Educational and Social Services, Alzheimer’s Foundation of America   More than 5 million individuals in the U.S. are living with dementia. Family members and friends provide an [...]

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Are You a Hero?

by Christopher D. Perna CEO, The Eden Alternative, Inc. Let’s start by closing your eyes and saying to yourself the words “I am a hero” either silently or out loud. Don’t believe it? [...]

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Know Better – Do Better

By: Walter Coffey, MPA, MA, CAE – President/CEO of LeadingAge Georgia, the Georgia Institute on Aging and the Center for Positive Aging. He has both professional and personal experience with individuals living with [...]

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by Robert Bowles, Jr., a retired pharmacist diagnosed with LBD at age 64. "Think back where you would be today if you had not had a purpose in life. The same is true [...]

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