Many DAA Partners are involved in DAA efforts through Workgroup participation. The Partners’ wide ranging disciplines and diverse experiences and expertise are invaluable to ensuring the DAA’s efforts are well informed and shaped.

Arts & Dementia Workgroup

Co-Chairs – Karen Love & Mary Sue Wilkinsen

Creative arts such as sculpture, painting, drawing, dance, performance, film, pottery, knitting, poetry, writing, textile art, and jewelry making among many others can be uplifting, inspiring, connecting experiences. The DAA’s Arts & Dementia Workgroup is a virtual place where people interested in dementia and creative arts can come together to:

  • Discuss how diverse forms of art are being used as creative outlets of expression, communication and connection;
  • Use creative arts as a means to change societal understanding and attitudes about living with dementia; and
  • Share and inspire creative community together.
Communications Workgroup

Co-Chairs – Corrie Phillips and Perry Meyers

The Communications Workgroup focuses on  the DAA’s internal and external communications to provide cohesive messaging about the Alliance’s vision, mission, goals and objectives via all communication modalities.

Optimizing Well-Being Workgroup

Chair – Jan Bays, PT

The Optimizing Well-Being Workgroup focuses on: transforming outdated medicalized practices with person-centered practices; identifying person-centered dementia competencies and optimal education & skills; identifying criteria for best models of person-centered dementia care and support across all settings; and development & use of appropriate performance measures.

Technology & Dementia Workgroup

Co-Chairs – Rich Fenker and Brenda Roberts

The Technology & Dementia Workgroup is focused on: learning about available technology; developing a taxonomy for dementia-related technology products and services and guidelines for person-centered relevance; encouraging the development of person-centered dementia technology products and services; and developing a web-based catalogue of available technology products.