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The Dementia Kindness Challenge is using social media to change how people understand and respond to individuals living with dementia.

Having dementia does not erase who an individual is.  It’s our reactions to them that can.  Often we don’t realize our actions are unkind causing someone living with dementia to feel diminished, unvalued, and ignored.
Help spread Dementia Kindness!

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It’s easy! Follow these 4 simple steps

1. Print the DEMENTIA KINDNESS script and hand sign – click here.

2. Record your video clip.

3. Upload your video clip to your favorite social media using #dementiakindness. Please set your viewing setting to PUBLIC.

4. Donate $10.00 to help us promote DEMENTIA KINDNESS – click here.



Please note the video length restrictions of these social media platforms:

Twitter: max 30 seconds

Instagram: max 60 seconds

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