Change Stigma and Misperceptions about Dementia 2017-11-10T14:24:04-04:00
Change Stigma and Misperceptions about Dementia

“Stigmas about dementia build massive barrier walls that can rob me of living my life to its fullest with dementia.”
~ Alexander (Sandy) Halperin, living with Alzheimer’s dementia

Imagine living with a condition that is mostly misunderstood and highly stigmatized. Such is the case for over 5 million Americans. Societal stigma and misperceptions about living with dementia must change because of the damaging effects they cause for the individuals and families affected.

The prevailing perception of dementia is as a condition marked by deficits and decline, and that nothing can be done. One of the most common misperceptions is assuming everyone with dementia is living with advanced symptoms rather than understanding there are many types of dementia besides Alzheimer’s and that symptoms evolve over time.

When a person’s network of family, friends, doctors, neighbors, and local community members better understand dementia and its symptoms, it can significantly and positively impact everyday life for them.

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“We cannot change the condition, but we can change the experience of living with it.”
~ Robert Bowles, living with Lewy Body dementia

Developed by individuals living with dementia and care partners, the DAA created these two handbooks filled with useful information and inspiration about LIVING with dementia.