The later stages of dementia and end of life care

By: Alzheimer’s New Zealand

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This booklet is designed to provide information about what to expect in the

last stage of dementia. It highlights some issues that may be useful to consider,

including what happens as the end of life nears and after death has occurred.

Advance Directive for Dementia

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The Dementia Directive is a simple tool developed by a physician to help you plan for your end-of-life care, depending on whether you are experiencing mild, moderate or advanced symptoms of dementia.

The Conversation Project

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The Conversation Project is a public engagement initiative with a goal to have every person’s wishes for end-of-life care expressed and respected.

Making Tough Decisions about End-of-Life Care in Dementia (A 36- Hour Day Book)

By: Anne Kenny, MD

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In Making Tough Decisions about End-of-Life Care in Dementia, Dr. Anne Kenny, a skilled palliative care physician, describes how to navigate the difficult journey of late-stage dementia with sensitivity, compassion, and common sense. Combining her personal experience caring for a mother with dementia with her medical expertise in both dementia and end-of-life care, Dr. Kenny helps the reader prepare for a family member’s death while managing their own emotional health.

End of Life Care

By: Alzheimer’s Society UK

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This factsheet is for you if you’re caring for a person living with dementia. It looks at what happens when the person is nearing the end of life. It covers what you can do to support them and other close family or friends, and some of the issues to consider

End-of-Life Decision

By: Alzheimer’s Association

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When a person in the late stage of Alzheimer’s— a degenerative brain disease — nears the end of life and is no longer able to make his or her own decisions, families must make choices on the person’s behalf.

The Red Button: Creating Good Choices at the End of Life for People Living with Dementia

By: Richard M Fenker, PhD

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This book is a guide to help people living with dementia (and their families) make good choices about the end of life. The quality of life in the late stages of Alzheimer’s and other dementias can be greatly diminished by many factors.