Finding and sharing connection through dance

Pictured above: Dancing together with the Octaband®, a tool for connection through movement, created by Donna Newman-Bluestein. Donna Newman-Bluestein has been a champion of dance therapy for decades, employing dance as a powerful and necessary form of non-verbal expression. She has worked with individuals all over the world, helping them find a means of communication regardless of their mental or physical ability. Donna’s passion for dance began at an early age. She recalls the happiest moments of her childhood as […]

Beth Soltzberg: Meeting People Where They Are

Beth Soltzberg is a social worker who has devoted her entire career to prioritizing personality and joy in the process of aging. Currently, she directs the Alzheimer’s/Related Disorders Family Support Program at Jewish Family & Children’s Service (JF&CS) in Waltham, Massachusetts. In March of 2014, Beth launched the first intergenerational memory café in Massachusetts, and JF&CS has held a memory café every month since. Beth told us, “I’ve learned so much from people who are living with dementia – the […]