By Iona Morris, an American voice actressIona Morris

Faith that something can be done

And, money…
Is all we have
To add to the action of those in the field journeying

Into how the mind works.
And, our love

And, our tears of what was lost
to a mind

Drifting away so fast

We cannot keep up.

Can’t take a pill
Can’t go to the gym

Can’t juice THIS away…

“Who took my mom,
But left her body here
And put that…
5 year old in her place?”

“Why is my sweet dad so mean to me?”

“You found her wandering on the other side of town?”

“What is with the moving of furniture

and stuff everywhere?”

“Who took my loved one’s
Memories and has them repeating
Or, not even remembering the last breath we just took?”

“Or… or… … …
I forget

Faith that something can be done!
And money!

Is all we have to…

In the meantime…
Let me breathe
And, Me remember life presents itself differently at every moment of the day
And, sometimes… it’s really NOT anyone’s fault.

Let me breathe
And take stalk and keep my love open and unconditional
Focused on the present different situation

Placed before me today.

Let me breathe!
And let go of what was,
What I expected,
What I want to control,
What all my love, I think, should be able to heal –

No matter my status, my bank account
MY strength
I am powerless to change.
(So much for A personality.)
Let me breathe
And embrace
What is.
Faith that something can be done
And money is NOT
All we have.

We have patience and our smiles
Our laugh and “whatevers”
Singing that corny song,
for the first time in years,

But oh, how she or he loves it.
So, off-key,
but you melody your heart.
Dancing and wiggling it all
Going low like a kid
To make them smile.

And when it gets too much
I have my, “Mom, I’ll be right back. Left something outside.”
So I can exit and cry and feel the lose.
And feel the lose.
And then, wipe my tears
Re-entering the room
To love on the person that is still with me today

And, help them.
And… help… them.

Faith that something will be done

And money…
May be all we have right now,

But, in the meantime…
I’ll continue to love
I’ll continue to laugh
I’ll continue to breathe
And, I’ll continue to know
That something will be done.

 May, 11 2015, published with permission of the author