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Explore and reflect on your inner emotions through guided conversations using photos, memories, verse and other engaging activities.

Music Beat & Trivia

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Tap your toes, sing along, reminisce, and have fun to the beat of all types of music. This session is a potpourri of things musical including music trivia.

Laughter Club

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What better way to feel good than laughing! Heather will lead us through a series of therapeutic non strenuous laughter exercises for fun and health. Be prepared to move and laugh!

Stories in the Moment

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Join Magda for an hour of dance, movement and storytelling to connect our bodies, share our stories and amplify our voices. Each session will explore adifferent theme that resonates with us and create stories in motion together.

Focus on the Arts

Join arts lovers in discussing a variety of artworks from different eras. Come and share your thoughts about what you see and how it makes you feel.

Poetry Club

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Join this friendly session to hear, feel and talk about the magic of poetry through beautiful poems and pictures. Each session will cover a different topic.

Passionate Projects

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Learn from professionals about camera lighting and focus, framing, and many other hobbies and crafts. This is a time to express your talents and learn new passionate pastimes!