Recurring Event Poetry Club

Poetry Club

via Zoom

Join this friendly session to hear, feel and talk about the magic of poetry through beautiful poems and pictures. Each session will cover a different topic.

Recurring Event Adult Coloring Club

Adult Coloring Club

via Zoom

Come and hop on the trend of adult coloring books with us! Whether you are in the mood for coloring in calming images or using your imagination and creating your own pictures, this is the place for you!

Recurring Event Trivia


via Zoom

Have fun with trivia questions on a range of topics such as food, sports, geography, Hollywood, history, music and more. No competition – just lots of fun and laughter.

Recurring Event Mindful Meditations

Mindful Meditations

via Zoom

Sit down, close your eyes, get in a comfortable position, and whatever happens - happens. If you think - you think. If you don’t think – you don’t think. It will amaze you how fast you become peaceful, calm and non- judgmental.

Recurring Event Spirituality


via Zoom

Led by two chaplaincy students under the direction of a Buddhist chaplain, discussions about how spirituality is relevant to your life; how you experience it and how it is helpful to you. Spirituality is a broad concept that has room for many perspectives.