“You don’t look like you have dementia.”
“What does dementia look like?”

This  is  what  dementia  looks  like!

People who have dementia often describe feeling isolated. They typically don’t know anyone else who has dementia. So much of the public information about dementia focuses on ‘gloom and doom’. There is another side. Learning how others are living with dementia can be a powerful, inspiring and supportive experience.

Would you like to add your voice about how you are LIVING with dementia?

Brian LeBlanc, a former radio host shown above with his dog, Dallas, and other tech savvy individuals living with dementia are recording video clips.  It’s easy!  If you want to add your voice, email info@daanow.org


“Living Beyond Dementia”

All too often individuals diagnosed with dementia hear from their doctors “There is not anything we can do,” or “Put your affairs in order and come back in six months”.

This compelling video, produced, directed, filmed and edited all by individuals living with dementia, shares personal stories about how traumatic those words can be and that helpful information and encouragement are needed instead.

“Person-Centered Matters”

Every once in a while something comes along that has the power to stop us in our tracks. The Person-Centered Matters video about individuals living with dementia and those who care about them has such a power. The story is beautifully told through the voices of five people living with dementia and care partners.

Watch the 7 minute video below.    Click here for the full 16 minute video.

This video was supported in part by Award No 14-4 from the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Alzheimer’s and Related Diseases Research Award Fund, administered by the Virginia Center on Aging, Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center.

Hear Our Personal Stories

Hear the personal stories of individuals and care partners and their experience living with dementia.

Cynthia’s Story filmed by Brighthouse Financial

Brian’s Story filmed by Brighthouse Financial

A preview of Richard Taylor, PhD, first DVD video Be With Me Today by Have A Good Life Media. Buy the DVD at haveagoodlife.com

Women with Dementia Living Strong is a video regarding the research project of Dr. Elaine Wiersma of Lakehead University, in collaboration with the Alzheimer Society of Ontario. The research studies women with dementia living in the community.

Life goes on: Living with Alzheimer’s – David Gary Quinton, Canada

Living with Alzheimer’s – Brian LeBlanc, USA

How to live with dementia – People with dementia speak out

Laurie Scherrer, diagnosed with early on-set Alzheimer’s and frontotemporal dementia, wrote and scored this beautiful song in 2016 titled, “Living Beyond Dementia”.

Small changes help make a dementia friendly community – Alzheimer’s Society

Living Well With Dementia PiDC Alliance

Paulan Gordon on Mentoring for Dementia Mentors

Paulan Gordon, living with vascular dementia

Mike Belleville describes how to live well with dementia