This Dementia Life is a heartwarming podcast program about living life with dementia.  Hear from inspiring people living with dementia and from those who care about them.  The program is hosted by Chuck McClatchey, who is living with Alzheimer’s and is produced by Mike Belleville, who is living Lewy Body dementia.

Current Episode

Our host DAA Advisory Board member Chuck McClatchey has a wonderful, cheerful conversation with DAA Advisory Board member Laurie Scherrer. They talk about a number of things but especially how Laurie has continued to “THRIVE” with a diagnosis of Dementia.
Laurie jumping out of an airplane?? that and more so come on and watch! Also please remember to like our videos and subscribe to our channel. Thank You!

Our host DAA Advisory Board member Chuck McClatchey enjoys a vibrant discussion with Artist John L Wood. John also happens to have dementia, but he is an artist who has dementia not the other way around. Please enjoy this wonderful interaction and enjoy some of John’s AMAZING art. Please remember to like our video and click the subscribe button. Also please consider a donation to DAA at

Past Episodes

About Chuck McClatchey

Chuck McClatchey

Chuck McClatchey retired at the age of 61 after being diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. He had served 21 years in the US Air Force as a C141 Flight Engineer then worked for the state of Arizona for 21 years, retiring as Electrical Operations Superintendent. After deciding to become a fierce dementia advocate he started talking to groups about living life after this diagnosis.

About Mike Belleville

Mike Belleville

Michael R Belleville retired at the age of 54 after being diagnosed with Lewy Body dementia. Mike was a telecommunications technician for nearly 20 years and also served in the Rhode Island Air National Guard for 12 years. After realizing that he could still contribute in a meaningful way, Mike became an advocate for those living with dementia. He is a member of the Dementia Action Alliance’s Advisory Council.