This Dementia Life is a heartwarming podcast program about living life with dementia.  Hear from inspiring people living with dementia and from those who care about them.  The program is hosted by Chuck McClatchey, who is living with Alzheimer’s and is produced by Mike Belleville, who is living Lewy Body dementia.

Current Episode

Please join This Dementia Life host Chuck McClatchey in a most informative and uplifting conversation with Dr. Peter Reed, Director of the Sanford Center for Aging and Professor of Community Health Services at University of Nevada Reno about Dr. Reed’s journey as a college student whose grandfather had Alzheimer’s Disease and how it shaped his beliefs and his career.  As a community volunteer, he learned Virginia Bell’s “The Best Friends Approach” to help people with dementia live their best lives.   As CEO of the Pioneer Network, he learned how to enable people to live well with dementia & treated them as community members. At Town Hall meetings across the country, he heard from those diagnosed with dementia just how difficult the diagnosis process was and the negativity they faced in their communities. Care partners want to keep their loved ones safe & take care of them; but those living with dementia want to be “enabled to live the life they want to live. “ The ongoing challenge is balancing Autonomy with Care & Support.  As Dr. Reed highlighted:  “Maximize people’s retained abilities” and “Encourage social engagement focusing on what still can be done.”

Please join This Dementia Life host Chuck McClatchey in an uplifting and inspiring conversation with Karen Love, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Dementia Action Alliance, as they share how DAA has expanded and impacted so many individuals living with dementia symptoms, their care partners, and extended families. As DAA’s 25thAnniversary approaches, Karen and Chuck reminisce on how DAA encourages each person living with dementia to be seen as a unique individual and enables each one to participate in ways that matter to them: like hostingVirtual Engagement Programs on ZOOM and to be active in the Speakers’ Bureau to change the hearts and minds of people across the country.  Karen highlights how important it is to continue expanding DAA’s platform to change the Diagnostic Experience to enhance living fully with dementia symptoms. Chuck affirms that DAA opened so many possibilities for him; and we must continue to expand those possibilities!!

Please join This Dementia Life host Chuck McClatchey in an informative and positive conversation with Barney Nelson, DAA Advisory Board Member and advocate living with Lewy Body Dementia.  Barney shares how he and his wife decided to “make the diagnostic process“easier for himself and his doctors by creating and sharing two simple Dementia Symptom Tracking Tools:  1) Completing a Symptoms Screening Aid of specific symptoms and onset date and 2) Keeping a Personal Dated Log of Potential Symptoms.    Barney has made these tools available at no charge on his website https://dementiasymptomstrackingtools.comso others may use them to advance the diagnostic process with their doctors. Please remember to like our vides on you tube and subscribe to out channel. You can also make a donation at DAANOW.ORG/DONATE to help us keep these videos coming.

Please join This Dementia Life host Chuck McClatchey in an uplifting conversation with Vicki Quick, co-owner of Twiddles with her husband Barney Nelson, an advocate living with Lewy Body Dementia.  Vicki affirms how much it means to both of them to spread these comforting and cozy companions to individuals living with dementia and other sensory-related conditions around the world.  Vicki shares how “doing constructive things for others” makes them feel positive as they choose to live fully.  Vicki and Barney know that laughter is a good elixir; and they are both grateful for what they do have!

Please join This Dementia Life host Chuck McClatchey ‘s inspiring conversation with John Gastil, Distinguished Professor in Communication Arts & Sciences and Political Science at Penn State University and Senior Scholar at the MCourtney Institute for Democracy. John Gastil shares his personal story about his father who lived with Parkinson’s and Dementia. His novel “Gray Matters” reflects some of that personal journey. He encourages families of those living with dementia to provide Love and Acceptance and to be a caring support network by “Accepting the Diagnosis and the Prognosis” and actively working together to best assist their loved one. His message highlights the importance of Hope & Understanding for this Family Disease & Journey!

Please join This Dementia Life host Chuck McClatchey’s energizing conversation with Terry Montgomery, exquisite singer, DAA Advisory Board Member, and uplifting advocate living with early onset Alzheimer’s since 2015. Terry shares her warm, jubilant outlook and infectious positivity to “Have Hope”; “Help Yourself by Helping Others living with dementia”; and “Live All Your Dreams”. She advises those with dementia to enjoy your time and maximize who you are so that YOU can leave A Legacy of Living Fully!!

Past Episodes

Please join This Dementia Life host Chuck McClatchey’s wonderful conversation with Brenda Roberts, Director of Quality Assurance & Education for the Michigan Assisted Living Association, as she shares her positive outlook and practical recommendations for being an uplifting care partner to her husband Mark, who was diagnosed with early onset dementia. Brenda shares the importance of maintaining a positive & strength-based approach as his care partner; to “look for the good things in life”; to be honest with your family and good friends; and continue to live your life in ways that make you both smile.

Please join us for a candid conversation with Sandy Douglas, Vice Chairwoman of Dementia Action Alliance, over 20 years as CEO of an Award Winning Adult Community. There is a lot of great advice and tips in this video.

Please join This Dementia Life host Chuck McClatchey and his inspiring conversation with Dr Susan Wehry, Chief of Geriatrics for the New England College of Medicine, talking about her passion and drive to help people with dementia.

Please join This Dementia Life host Chuck McClatchey and his guest the dynamic Dementia Advocate Teepa Snow. Teepa is a incredible dementia Trainer as well as a passionate Advocate For Proper Care Of People Living With Dementia. Please enjoy this in-depth conversation and learn how and why Teepa is so passionate about what she does.

Join our host Chuck McClatchey with his guest Dr. Tabassum Majid who is the executive director of the InterGrace Institute who’s mission is educate and empower our families, residents and colleagues to tell their story and turn it into data that can transform lives. In official terms, we do this by advancing transformational Neurocognitive care practices through person-centered research and education.

Our host DAA Advisory Board member Chuck McClatchey has a wonderful, cheerful conversation with DAA Advisory Board member Laurie Scherrer. They talk about a number of things but especially how Laurie has continued to “THRIVE” with a diagnosis of Dementia.

Our host DAA Advisory Board member Chuck McClatchey enjoys a vibrant discussion with Artist John L Wood. John also happens to have dementia, but he is an artist who has dementia not the other way around. Please enjoy this wonderful interaction and enjoy some of John’s AMAZING art.

Please join This Dementia Life host Chuck McClatchey ‘s inspiring conversation with Jennifer Carson, PhD, Director of Dementia Engagement, Education & Research Program, School of Community Health Services, University of Nevada, Reno and Director of Dementia Friendly Nevada, as she shares her inspiring recommendations for “Living Fully with Dementia” by encouraging those with dementia to live life on their own terms; keep their values & priorities; & remain decision makers with their caring support network.

Please our host Chuck McClatchey as he has an inspiring conversation with Kathy Laurenhue, Author, CEO and Chairperson for the Dementia Action Alliance Arts Group. She talks about her passion about helping people with Dementia.

Please join our host Chuck McClatchey and his guest Susan Kerber/Business Development, Partnership Outreach and Marketing for Caring Bridge. A innovative and cost free way of staying in touch with family and friends during challenging and stressful times.

Please join our host Chuck McCLatchey and his Guest David Kane. David is a life coach and shares his enthusiasm for living in the moment and enjoy all and everything around you, very helpful information for people living with the dementia and our care partners.

This dementia Life host Chuck McClatchey delves into the world of 3D Technology with his guest Mandy Salomon Ph.D. Co-founder and CEO of Mentia, Inc. Mandy talks about their ground-breaking care companion tool, Deva WorldTM, which is a 3D digital world filled with activities that support commonly expressed needs like a sense of belonging, a sense of independence, and the ability to express a life well-lived – all of which get depleted by Alzheimer’s and other related dementias.

Please enjoy this wonderful discussion with our DAA Advisory Board member Chuck McClatchey as he talks with Kristine Theurer. Kristine developed the Java Music Club in Canada which is now becoming very popular in the United States! The name of the group may surprise you with what they are actually all about and the impact that it has had on so many people.

About Chuck McClatchey

Chuck McClatchey

Chuck McClatchey retired at the age of 61 after being diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. He had served 21 years in the US Air Force as a C141 Flight Engineer then worked for the state of Arizona for 21 years, retiring as Electrical Operations Superintendent. After deciding to become a fierce dementia advocate he started talking to groups about living life after this diagnosis.

About Mike Belleville

Mike Belleville

Michael R Belleville retired at the age of 54 after being diagnosed with Lewy Body dementia. Mike was a telecommunications technician for nearly 20 years and also served in the Rhode Island Air National Guard for 12 years. After realizing that he could still contribute in a meaningful way, Mike became an advocate for those living with dementia. He is a member of the Dementia Action Alliance’s Advisory Council.