Episode 40

Tracy Keibler

Tracy Keibler, the founding director of START Senior Solutions, an education and elder advocacy organization in Minnesota, leads us through how to identify a future advocate who will be able to best navigate the resources we need to stay at home, without taking advantage of our finances or manipulating our care decisions for their own benefits. Your host, Laurie Scherrer, will guide us through three pertinent questions: (1) How do I protect myself?, (2) What are my rights?, and (3) What resources are available to help guide me in the right direction.

Episode 39

Gwenyth Johnson

Gwenyth Johnson shares the impact Tai Chi can have on balance, stability and general attitude. Tai Chi has been used for centuries to reduce stress, Improve Moods, Improve Sleep and much more. Join host, Laurie Scherrer and Gwenyth Johnson as we explore this ancient exercise program and how it can benefit people living with dementia.


Jayne Clairmont

Jayne Clairmont, a renowned dementia support specialist, joins us in this podcast to discuss factors to consider when selecting an assisted living community for someone living with dementia. DAA Board Member and host, Paulan Gordon, interviews Jayne for this engaging and informative discussion. Jayne recently joined the DAA’s Board of Directors and is the former owner and operator of English Rose Suites, a care community for those living with dementia, and b.home Home Care.

Episode 36

Brenda Roberts & Erin Wallace

Join host Laurie Scherrer and care partners Brenda Roberts and Erin Wallace as we explore how people living with dementia can help their care partner embrace the dementia journey with a smile! Helping Your Care Partner Through Grief & Anger: Many people living with dementia express concern for their Care Partner. We often feel the hurt, frustration and sometimes anger that our condition causes them. We may even experience periods of guilt over the “burdens” we have placed on them and our family. As we sense our Care Partners working through their emotions surrounding the challenges of our dementia symptoms, we may feel hopeless to help them

Episode 37

Dr. Al Power

Anger is a normal emotion for everyone from time to time. But how does one know when the anger is a normal part of living vs actual symptoms of dementia? Dr. Al Power, board certified internist and geriatrician and Schlegel-U Waterloo Chair in Aging and Dementia, discusses new ways to look at dementia related anger and compensating strategies for those affected. Join Dr. Power and our host Barney Nelson to discover some new ways to view this subject.