Using Technology to Improve Quality of Life for People Living Well with Dementia

Cover photo: Craig’s mother, Wanda Fowler. Contributed photo.

Often leaders have some personal interest that inspires their work – for example, the head of a freight railroad who played with trains as a kid, or the owner of a tree removal business who spent childhood summers climbing limbs in his backyard. Few are able to take a difficult personal experience – filled with uncertainty and challenges – and build a company to help make life better for people facing that adversity.

Craig Fowler, the Founder and CEO of Joygage, did just that. In 2005, Craig’s mother was diagnosed with early onset dementia. Over the next ten years, Craig saw her become increasingly frustrated by her changing abilities and progressively unable to do the activities she once enjoyed. Craig lived many states away and always felt like he wasn’t doing enough to help her and his father. Craig remembers the challenge of identifying activities she would enjoy so she could be physically and mentally active in a  world not designed for people living with dementia.

Craig and his team created Joygage to fill this gap. The online subscription service offers a wide variety of technology-driven activities and resources. Joygage’s mission is to improve the daily happiness, dignity and quality of life of persons living with dementia and their care partners.

Craig recently joined DAA’s Board of Directors where his boundless energy and commitment to create a better society in which to live with dementia have found a good home!

For more information about Joygage, visit their website or Facebook page.


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