Alzheimer’s Australia (Australia)
Alzheimer’s Canada (Canada)
Alzheimer’s & Dementia-Global Resources
Alzheimer’s Disease International
Alzheimer’s Foundation of America
Alzhiemer’s Online – University of FL
(online support for care partners)
Alzheimer’s Society (UK)
Alzheimer’s Speaks
AlzTalk – Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research and Foundation
Call Alert Center (for Caregivers)
Dementia Action Alliance UK (UK)
Dementia Action Alliance USA
Dementia Alliance International
Dementia Brain Tour – Alzheimer’s Society, UK
Dementia Daze – Laurie Scherrer
Dementia Diaries (UK)
Dementia Enabling Environments
Dementia Friends (UK)
Dementia Mentors
Dementia Services Development Centre (Scotland)
Forget Me Not Online Support Group
Glorious Opportunity
I’m Still Here Foundation
Innovations in Dementia (UK)
Lenzyhouse Ministry, Inc.
Lewy Body Dementia Association
Life Changes Trust (Scotland)
Living with Dementia, Resources for Living Well – University of Waterloo
Memory Bridge
Memory Café Directory
Mindset Centre for Living with Dementia (Canada)
Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program (Canada)
My Thoughts on Dementia – Harry Urban
Partnerships in Dementia Care Alliance (Canada)
Scottish Dementia Working Group (Scotland)
Teepa Snow
The Alzheimer Society of Ireland – Living With Dementia
The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration
The Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Project (UK)
The National Alzheimer’s & Dementia Patient & Caregiver-Powered Research Network – Mayo Clinic
The Purple Elephant (Canada)
To Whom I May Concern
Unforgettable – online marketplace for dementia and memory loss products
Alzheimer’s Poetry Project (poetry)
Arts 4 Dementia (arts)
Arts for Dementia
Creative Dementia Arts Network (England & Wales)
Dementia & Imagination (arts)
Dementia Arts [includes the Institute for Dementia Education and Arts]
Meet Me at MoMA (art)
Music & Memory (music)
Singing Heart to Heart: Resources for Using Music in Dementia Care
TimeSlips (story telling)
The Society for the Arts in Dementia Care
To Whom I May Concern (theater program)

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