Arts Workgroup

Co-Chairs – Kathy Laurenhue

Co-Chairs – Donna Newman-Bluestein

The Arts provide wonderful opportunities to engage with individuals living with dementia and their care partners by tapping into creativity.  The DAA Arts Workgroup offers inspiration and support for one another through visual and performing arts experiences and shared resources.  Workgroup members have diverse and varied backgrounds and include individuals living with dementia and care partners.

Optimizing Well-Being Workgroup

Chair – Jan Bays, PT

The focus of the Optimizing Well-Being Workgroup is living well with dementia throughout lifespan and across residential settings. Members identify and support best practices in person-directed, relationship-based care that recognizes each person’s individuality, strengths, and autonomy; provide education for best practices; and advocate for recognition of dementia as a disability.

Technology Workgroup

Co-Chairs – Barney Nelson

Co-Chairs – Alp Arslan

The Technology Workgroup is focused on improving the quality of life for individuals living with dementia and care partners through beneficial technologies by: (1) learning about available and emerging technologies; (2) working with an accepted taxonomy to categorize dementia-related technology products and services; (3) and encouraging the development of person-centered dementia technology products and services.