Innovative Dementia-Friendly Programs – Countering Stigma and Social Isolation

by Emily Kearns, PhD, MBA We have known for a very long time that lifestyle, such as diet and exercise, affects our health and well-being. But, did you know that social isolation is directly linked to decreased longevity? That’s right! More than cigarette smoking and even obesity, living alone and being isolated can shorten our lives. Not only that, the quality of our shortened life is at risk with social isolation potentially contributing to [...]

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Meaningful Connections

by Nancy L. Kriseman, LCSW, Geriatric Consulting Services As an eldercare Clinical Social Worker, I have worked with individuals who are living with dementia and those caring for them for over 35 years. Midway through my career, my mother was diagnosed with probable Alzheimer’s at age 71. My mother lived with Alzheimer’s disease for 17 years, she died at 87 years old. Throughout this journey, I wanted to find ways to stay positively connected [...]

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Discovering the Essence of My Father: A Care Partner’s Perspective

During the last few years of my father’s life, I had an incredible opportunity to journey back in time with him to discover the essence of his personhood.  As his journey with Alzheimer’s peeled away the carefully crafted layers of his life history, I learned to pay attention to what was unfolding.  Our visits together became a journey back through time, one that offered me the precious opportunity to better view the unencumbered essence [...]

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Resident’s Grandson Gives the Gift of Music

Jayne Clairmont, Dementia Care Expert & Owner, English Rose Suites With our sincerest appreciation to Jayne for allowing DAA to re-post the following article from their online blog. Betty Vaaler was one of those women that you always remember fondly; she was kind, funny, caring, a loving and supportive mother and wife. The proof of that statement is obvious when you meet her family. Betty was also a woman of God, who enjoyed [...]

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Side-by-side events uplift people with dementia and their caregivers

DAA thanks Jonathan Streetman, Health & Social Service Reporter, and The Herald Times for allowing us to re-post the following article: By Jonathan Streetman 812-331-4353 | | Feb. 15, 2017 On Valentine’s Day, cards created and given by a loved one can say much more than the words inside them. At Jill’s House Memory Care, a facility for individuals with memory problems such as Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia, residents were [...]

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Dear Teenager – This is How Dementia Feels

The DAA thanks our friend Laurie Scherrer for allowing us to re-post this from her Dementia Daze blog   Dear Teenager, To answer your questions, “What does dementia feel like – does it hurt?” I want you to think back on some of the places we went. When we went to the fun house with all the mirrors everything was funny looking and out of proportion. Although we could tell it was us, it [...]

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A Relationship that Weathered Lewy Body Dementia: Robin Williams and Susan Schneider Williams

By Juliet Holt Klinger October 4, 2016 The DAA thanks our Partner Juliet Holt Klinger and Brookdale for allowing us to re-post this blog. One of the most compelling accounts of sustaining a relationship with a loved one with dementia has just come from Susan Schneider Williams, wife of the late comedian Robin Williams. In her open letter to the American Academy of Neurology in its journal Neurology, Schneider Williams takes the reader – and [...]

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